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Welcome to our CowPots online store. CowPots are made right here on our family farm! Each of the 12 sizes currently manufactured at the CowPots factory is listed here with a range of quantities available to better match your growing needs. At the bottom of the page you will find our retail pack combination, a great option if you're giving CowPots as a gift. 

* Please note: If you order multiple small case quantities - we will do our best to consolidate the boxes and automatically give you a shipping refund for the difference.

If you have questions about CowPots products you can visit the website or call the CowPots office; 860-824-7520.


CowPots T-shirt

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Back: "a better biodegradable starts with cow poo"

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$17.00/S-XL and $18.00/XXL

#3 Square CowPot

3 square cowpot

The perfect small starter size CowPot, measures approximately 3" square at the top and 2 7/8" deep. Great for starting quick planting varietals such as squash and cucumbers.


#3 Round CowPot

3 round cowpot

Just like our #3 square pots but in a round shape that is approximately 3 1/4" in diameter and 3 3/8" deep.


#3 Six Cell CowPot

3 six cell cowpot

Very popular for seed starting, our six cell flats easily break apart for planting.

$.77/six cell

#4 Square CowPot

If you need a little more room, our #4 square pots measure approximately 4" at the top and are 3 3/4" deep. Perfect for starting slower germinating plants like tomatoes and peppers.


#4 Square Tall CowPot

The new #4 Square Tall is comparable to the common 4 1/2" deep nursery pots and is a popular size suited for vegetable and perennial production. Increased soil volume over the #4 Square allows for greater root capacity.


#5 Square CowPot

5 square cowpot

Going bigger still, our #5 square pots measure approximately 5 1/4" across at the top and stand 5" tall. Great for starting larger tomato and pepper vareties or other plants that have a longer germination time.


#5 Round CowPot

5 round cowpot

Not in a square mood? Try our #5 round CowPots which mesaure approximately 5 1/2" in diameter on top and 4 3/4" deep.


#6 Square CowPot

6 square cowpot

Perfect for starting larger plants like basil, our #6 square pots are approximately 6" across on top and 5" deep.


#6 Round CowPot

6 round cowpot

Just like the square pots but approximately 6" in diameter at the top and 4 1/4" deep.


#7 Square CowPot

7 square cowpot

Our #7 pots are approximately 7" square on top and stand 6 1/8" tall. Perfect for starting mums or other larger plants.


#11 Square TALL COWPOT

11 Sq Transp edited.png

The newest CowPot! Designed specifically for growing perennials (seasonally). The #11 Square is a deeper pot, improving soil volume for healthy root growth for longer term plants.


#12 Square CowPot

12 square cowpot

The 2nd largest CowPot available. The pot measures approximately 11 1/5" square and 7" tall. It measures 8" square at the bottom as it tapers.


#17 Round CowPot

17 round cowpot

The largest CowPot made, measuring 17" in diameter and 11.5" height. A great container for combination planters; both herbs and flowering annuals or even for larger perennials and shrubs. 


Pre-Pack Combo

CowPots in chipboard package

Our most popular seed starting sizes are also available in chipboard packaging with product details and growing directions.  

Gift pack combo includes one #3 square 12-pack, one #4 square 12-pack and one #3 six cell 3-pack.

starting at $4.29

* Please note: If you order multiple small case quantities - we will do our best to consolidate the boxes and automatically give you a shipping refund for the difference.

Thank you for visiting our online store. If you have questions about any of the listed products, send an email or call the CowPots office at 860-824-7520.